Sacred Voices' Poetry Workshops, allow student writers to experiment with ways of translating their experience of the world into a language and form accessible to others. Over the length of the course, students will engage in informal, in-class writing exercises and discussions of identity, cultural history, social issues, and the sacredness of their voices. Our workshops will not only provide students with the invaluable gift of knowing one's self, history, and cultura through art but also the gift of learning to give and receive thoughtful constructive criticism. At the end of the program, students are invited to perform their poetry at our open mics or events that may be displayed to the general public.


Workshops Offered

Sacred Voices is currently looking for partnerships for after-school programming

Youth Workshops

Sacred Voices believes youth must interrogate their identities and culture through integral tools like art and spoken word. We foster this development by offering culturally-responsive based poetry workshops and programs that mix ethnic studies, visual art, and poetry:

Know Your Truth is designed to educate youth on the history of Ethnic Studies. This program is a crash course into the history of radicals and freedom fighters in the Denver Community and the world. 

Radical Self Love is focused on bringing youth back into their selves, learning more about how to love and what love may look like for them in their communities.

Create Your Voice is designed to allow anyone to create their poetry workshop with Sacred Voices. This program is a collaboration workshop in which the community and Sacred Voices work together to tailor the learning process of poetry for youth.

Adult Workshops

Writing Workshop - Coming Winter 2022